Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finally Revealed!

The work is titled "Sunday Afternoon - Green Bay". It is my latest installment of the stadiums and ballparks series. Though I am a Minnesotan and grew up in a Vikings family, the arch rivals Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field became the backdrop of the new painting.

Some may ask why I would paint this particular scene, and my answer is simple. Green Bay is the ultimate football town. I mean, the streets in this town are named after their legendary team – Lombardi Ave., Bart Starr Rd. and Reggie White Way. They even have a steakhouse in the name of ol' number 4, Brett Favre. This town is not crazy, they are certifiably insane!

The narrative for this painting is not so much about the team itself, but about the people of the community on which it stands. It is the only NFL team owned by the people and the only non-profit team in all professional sports throughout the U.S.. More than half of the composition is of the neighborhood and it's close proximity the the stadium. This makes for such a unique scene.

Although, as I am writing this blog, the Packers just got eliminated from the playoffs in a disappointing loss to the NY Giants. Well... there's always next year.

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